How to use your Gmail account as a personal file server

Finally, something useful to do with that Gmail account I’ve had lying around ever since that free offer to Blogger users way back when.

” This is a fairly simple and useful trick to score yourself a gigabyte’s worth of free online file storage. If you already have a Gmail account, you can use it as a central file server that is accessible from anywhere you can access Gmail.” (Engadget)

From time to time, I have signed up for free online file storage offers but they have never seemed convenient enough to actually use and, if I get around to needing them months later, they have either disappeared or are no longer free. This, on the other hand, is simple enough that I will probably take advantage of it — the Gmail shell extension lets you mount your Gmail account as a virtual drive in My Computer in Windows and drag and drop files to and from it.

Report Cards for Doctors?

Grades Are Likely to Be A, B, C . . . and I: “All doctors suffer from that ‘I’ disease to some extent: the success of the enterprise depends on it. Most, though, retain some necessary emotional distance as well – not only distance from tragedy and suffering, but also from the innumerable humdrum snafus, habits and idiosyncrasies that invariably stand between people and their health. When we start getting scores in health maintenance, that distance will be hard to maintain.” (New York Times )