Troops Improvise to Find Way Out: “One by one, a trickle of soldiers and marines – some just back from duty in Iraq, others facing a trip there soon – are seeking ways out.

Soldiers, their advocates and lawyers who specialize in military law say they have watched a few service members try ever more unlikely and desperate routes: taking drugs in the hope that they will be kept home after positive urine tests, for example; or seeking psychological or medical reasons to be declared nondeployable, including last-minute pregnancies. Specialist Marquise J. Roberts is accused of asking a relative in Philadelphia to shoot him in the leg so he would not have to return to war.” (New York Times )

I have been waiting for this trend to start being noticed; media coverage will encourage and embolden, hopefully. Like-minded people should be looking for opportunities to aid and support conscientious refusal to serve in America’s most recent dirty, immoral and illegal war.