A Democratic Editorial Website from Manhattan:

“My work reflects the three-hundred year American tradition of the guaranteed Constitutional right of “free speech” utilized by political satirists of the loyal opposition for centuries. As a progressive liberal Democrat, I am dedicated to returning Congress to Democrat control in c.2002, and returning the White House to a fairly elected Democrat by the American people in c.2004!

I am a fine artist who lives and works in New York City . The material I publish is my original content. This site is a unique political concept, because you are FREE to COPY and EMAIL my toons for personal use as a Democrat activist tool.”

Social Action Archives

“For nearly a century the Wisconsin Historical Society has documented the major sociopolitical issues and movements in the United States, as well as the state of Wisconsin. It has often been the first and sometimes the only repository to recognize the value of documenting these movements. Today our holdings are the largest in the nation. From our beginnings as the first institution to collect labor and working class history, we have continued to identify and document the major issues of the day throughout the twentieth century: socialism, communism, anarchism, Social Security and entitlements, welfare rights, civil liberties and free speech, civil rights, anti-Vietnam War, the New Left, student activism, GI rights and resistance, community organizing, the battle over reproductive rights and right to life, and the contemporary peace and justice movement. Within Wisconsin we have also documented the battle against nuclear power, environmental activism, the women’s movement, and the Native American treaty rights controversy.” [via wood s lot]

Israeli Air Force Chief Urges Treason Trials For Gush Shalom

‘Attacking leftist Gush Shalom activists for threatening to extradite Israeli air force pilots to the international court at the Hague for alleged war crimes, IAF Commander Major General Dan Halutz has urged brining the activists to trial.

“What I have to say about those people is this: we live in a democratic country, and expressing an opinion is always allowed, but betrayal is not allowed,” Halutz told Ha’aretz in an interview. When asked if he suggests placing the Gush Shalom activists on trial on charges of treason, he replied, “The proper offense as defined by law should be found, and they should be tried in Israel.” ‘ Ha’Aretz [via Scoop]

Simplistic Hunt for Evil in a Complex World:

Robert Scheer: “Doomed by the incoherence

of a foreign policy defined largely by biblical notions of the struggle between good and evil, the Bush administration thrashes about in its hunt for the devil. Sadly, all that has produced are shopworn enemies that were once our surrogates in battles we would rather forget.” Los Angeles Times [via Common Dreams]

The Vietnam Folly Calls Out to Us as War Fever Burns:

Stanley I. Kutler, author of The Wars of Watergate (1992): “Bush II is considering the necessity of an invasion of Iraq and the toppling of its regime. Where is the debate? Absent any real dissent, we have a lethal combination of inertia, intimidation and political impotence, all combining to cast an illusion of overwhelming consensus.” Los Angeles Times

Please consider joining me in a simple dissenting act. Place this consensus-busting graphic someplace on your webpage or distribute it to others to do so:

[Not in my name!]

Target: "8eil 8itler"?

Target issues nationwide alert to recall clothing with insignia 88: ‘Target Corp. is recalling baseball caps and shorts from all of its stores after a California customer realized symbols printed on the clothing are a code for ”Heil Hitler.”

The caps and shorts are imprinted with ”eight eight” and ”88.” Among white supremacists, that stands for ”Heil Hitler” because H is the eighth letter of the alphabet.’ Boston Globe

Antitrust settlement shapes XP update

“Microsoft is finishing work on an update to its Windows XP operating system, clearing the way for public release of the software within the next few days, sources say.

The software giant periodically issues free updates, known as service packs, in order to fix bugs or revamp security software. The Windows XP update is unique, however, because it adds a new control for setting default middleware–such as Web browser and media player software–as required by Microsoft’s pending antitrust settlement with the Justice Department and nine of the 18 states that sued the company.” C/Net