Craig sez: "I’m bushed!"

Craig’s BookNotes should really be renamed Bushwatch (if there weren’t already a weblog by that name), to judge by recent content. Here are some of the best:

  • Jim Carroll: Inarticulate and Proud of It: Carroll is a passionate, articulate Boston Globe columnist whose sentiments and concerns consistently echo mine:

    In the beginning, the justification for ”regime change” in Baghdad was entirely a matter of the threat Hussein represents but no more. Now the justification includes protecting the integrity of threat. We have to go to war now because we said we would. Language is no longer an expression of purpose but the shaper of purpose.

    The United States, in fact, is in a crisis of language. This is what it means to have a president who, proudly inarticulate, has no real understanding of the relationship between words and acts, between rhetoric and intention. [via CommonDreams]

  • United We Dance
  • Bush says Musharraf is ‘Tight with Us’: In marvelling at Musharraf’s power grab last week, I wondered at official U.S. reaction. Here it is:

    Bush promised to be in touch with Musharraf “in more ways than one” about his decision to amend Pakistan’s constitution and greatly expand his authority. But he said he is not inclined to pull his support from Musharraf because the Pakistani leader has lent vital help to the U.S. effort to nab Taliban and al-Qaida fugitives who fled to his country from Afghanistan. Salon

  • The Western White House: ” Located in the remote, charming hamlet of Crawford, Texas, the Western White House is a modest and photogenic reflection of the Bush family’s folksy, down-home authenticity…” [more]

"…a remarkable year for culinary dissonance":

The year of eating dangerously: ” My guests are innocently perusing the menu at Legal Sea Foods. One orders the spiced shrimp special, another the salmon. Little do they know! I whip out my handy Audubon Society Seafood Wallet Card and promptly inform them of their grievous crimes against the denizens of the deep. Shrimp and salmon both fall in the Audubon card’s ”red zone,” meaning ”most problematic” for consumption. Why?: Boston Globe