Apple ‘Confirms’ iPhones Have A Serious Problem

Https blogs images forbes com gordonkelly files 2018 09 2018 09 17 03 47 39’Picked up by MacRumors, iOS has started locking owners of iPhones (and to a lesser extent iPads and Apple TVs) out of their devices, disabling their Apple IDs. And Apple has now acknowledged it.

Apple’s new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR are among the devices affected by the widespread Apple ID lockoutAPPLE Citing multiple reports across Reddit and Twitter, MacRumors says users are being told they can no longer use their devices “for security reasons”. In response, @AppleSupport is recognising the issue and guiding users to the company’s Support Communities page which tells users how to restore access when Apple IDs are locked and disabled.…’

Via Forbes