Warren-Sanders Democrats vs Oprah

“One billionaire president in a decade is going to be plenty for us”

‘While plenty of people have evinced a belief that delivering a single speech qualifies Oprah to be president (presumably with Dr Oz as Surgeon General and history’s smoothest selljob for invading other countries on flimsy pretenses), the young, motivated Warren-Sanders wing of the Democratic party are a lot less enthusiastic.

As Justice Democrats director Corbin Trent says, “From our perspective as an organization, part of what we’re trying to do is create paths to high office that don’t run through the billionaire class. One billionaire president in a decade is going to be plenty for us.”…’

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Facebook, You Needy Sonofabitch

This is what happens when the metric of how much time users spend using your thing supersedes the goal of providing legitimate value to your users. The tricks, hooks, and tactics Facebook uses to keep people coming back have gotten more aggressive and explicit. And I feel that takes away from the actual value the platform provides.

There are of course plenty of weighty, important topics worth criticizing Facebook for, from their perpetuating fake news to their role in influencing the election to enabling the surveillance state and so on. But even this seemingly benign topic has huge ramifications on how people spend their time and live their lives. As users, it’s important to be aware of how the platform is manipulating you. As designers, it’s important to be mindful of how much attention we’re demanding from users and why we’re demanding that attention in the first place.

So that’s where I’m at. I’m likely not going to delete Facebook entirely since I do genuinely enjoy staying in touch with the people in my life, and for better or worse Facebook is where those people hang out. But I want to do use Facebook on my own terms, not theirs.

Source: Brad Frost

Google, You Creepy Sonofabitch

Google … feels a lot more insidious than Facebook. Unlike Facebook, Google isn’t just a place you go. It’s built into the infrastructure of your life. It’s your house. It’s the roads and sidewalks you travel on. Google is a lot more infrastructural than Facebook, which is why breeches of trust feel a lot weirder and scarier.

…A few friends made earnest efforts to switch over to Android, only to quickly return their devices after being totally creeped out.I’m not a crazy, paranoid, security nerd kind of person. Although I probably should be. I guess I’m just saying that people shouldn’t feel like their every movement is being tracked by the company that makes the phone’s software. Actually, let me rephrase that: I guess I’m just saying that people shouldn’t have their every movement tracked by the company that makes the phone’s software. That seems like a reasonable request.

Source: Brad Frost

Shithole, USA

Ten quick thoughts on Trump’s shitholing of America:

  1. I first met Michele when she became one of my high school students in Brooklyn. She had just moved from Haiti, she slept on the floor of her family’s small apartment in a violent neighborhood, and she was picking up English as a second language. Today she’s a Harvard graduate and a law professor. That’s what America is all about. It’s shocking that we still need to remind people of that. Michele represents the best of America. Donald Trump, the worst.
  2. Nothing is surprising about Donald Trump calling Haiti and other countries (where people have dark skin) “shitholes.” Racism is not a Trump bug. It’s a Trump feature. He got warmed up with birther racism. He campaigned by calling Mexicans rapists. He couldn’t choose sides between Nazis and the good guys. This is who he has always been. He hasn’t hid it. On the contrary, he’s shouted it from the rooftops. And millions of Americans loved it. Forget all the faux outrage about the president’s language. This is the story.“
  3. Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Given his personality, the most amazing part about all this is that Trump phrased something he doesn’t know about as a question. It may be Trump’s first sign of curiosity (other than asking the White House staff if he can have a second scoop of ice cream).
  4. The Wall is, and always has been, the physical manifestation of Trump’s overt racism and hate. Senators can’t back the former without backing the latter.
  5. This week, Donald Trump got his first physical as president. I really hope a doctor from one of the shithole countries got to do the prostate exam.
  6. Reminder: Trump’s policies are a lot worse than his language. For immigrants, that was especially true this week.
  7. Dear Cable news outlets: You can say the word shithole. Every sane parent in America has been yelling expletives over and over since last January. My alarm goes off, I roll over, I remember what’s happening in America, and I groan, “Oh fuck.” Then I wake up my kids and they do the same.
  8. Anyone who thought the White House would deny Trump’s comments hasn’t been paying attention. It’s not a slip or a gaffe. It’s their point.
  9. Trump wondered aloud why we can’t have more immigrants from places such as Norway. And Norway was like, “Oh, hey, um, yeah, actually we’ve got this thing that just came up…”
  10. My parents came to America after surviving the Holocaust. For Jews, one could fairly describe post-war Europe as a shithole. And that was the point. They came to America. And like millions of immigrants, before and after, they made it better.

Source: Dave Pell – Medium