“Scarface,” The Beloved Bear Of Yellowstone Park, Has Been Killed

‘One of Yellowstone National Park’s most famous residents has been killed.Officials from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks announced last week that “Scarface” the grizzly bear was shot by a hunter last fall, just outside of the park’s boundary near Gardiner, Montana.The species is covered by federal protection in 48 states in the U.S. under the Endangered Species Act. As such, wildlife officials and federal police have begun an investigation into who killed the bear…’

Source: IFLScience

How Chris McCandless Died

‘The debate over what killed Chris McCandless, and the related question of whether he is worthy of admiration, has been smoldering and occasionally flaring for more than two decades now. Shortly after the first edition of Into the Wild was published in January 1996, University of Alaska chemists Edward Treadwell and Thomas Clausen shot down my theory that the cause of McCandless’s death was a toxic alkaloid contained in the seeds of the Eskimo potato plant, Hedysarum alpine, also known as wild potato…’

Writer Jon Krakauer becomes an organic chemist to pin down a new theory.

Source: Medium

Why self-esteem is failing us

‘…[T]he quest for inflated egos… is misguided and largely pointless. There’s nothing wrong with being confident… The trouble is how we try to achieve high self-regard. Often, it’s by undermining others or comparing our achievements to those around us. That’s not just unsustainable… it can also lead to narcissism or depressive bouts during hard times…’

Source: Business Insider