What do other countries call Santa Claus?

‘Christmas Man. Daddy Christmas. Grandfather Frost. Yule Man. Yule Elder. Yule Gnome. Yule Goat. Father Christmas. Old Man Christmas. Biblical Magi. Christ Child. Christmas Log. All those names are names for Santa Claus in other countries around the world. Calling him just Santa Claus just seems so boring in comparison, doesn\’t it?

This map, popularized on Reddit, shows the name for the person who brings gives to countries around Europe. And I guess it would make sense for other older countries to have some weird ass names for Saint Nick since his origin story there isn\’t as cheery and commercialized as it is here.’ (Sploid).

British doctor branded his initials on patient’s liver

Patient Recognition Month Poster

‘Artists generally like to sign their work. Painters, sculptors, poets, all leave their name as a mark of pride. But when your brush is a scalpel and your canvas is the human body, it’s probably best to avoid that urge. One British surgeon is finding that out, after being suspended for branding his initials on a patient’s liver. These ain’t cattle, doc!

Details are slim on this one, but it seems a surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, in England’s West Midlands, used an argon plasma coagulation tool to sear his brand in a patient’s liver. The tool, used to stop bleeding by burning tiny blood vessels shut with a beam of electrically-charged argon gas, can cut up to an inch deep in human tissue.

The surgeon’s signature was discovered by another doctor, who found the initials on the patient’s organ during a different surgery. Now they fear that potentially hundreds of patients are walking around with organs bearing the surgeon’s name. Doctors say the branding leaves only superficial burns, and isn’t likely to cause any harm to the patients. Small solace when you’re walking around with some bonkers doctor’s insignia on your guts.’ (Sploid).

3 Signs Your Political Viewpoints Are Completely Accurate

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    The People You Choose To Follow Agree With You

You’re awesome, so you wouldn’t follow anyone who isn’t. And clearly anyone you think is awesome must be pretty smart, right? …

  • The News You Choose to Consume Agrees With You

You’re really smart, so you only check the best news sources. Sure, there are other news sources out there, but your news sources are the most reliable – and the least biased. The news sources you like may occasionally get things wrong, but the news organizations you dislike are completely and utterly dishonest. They deliberately spin things. They can’t be trusted…

  • The People You Disagree With Are Ridiculous

The people you follow, and the news sources you like, will of course point out when someone you disagree with says something stupid. …

Embrace Your Bubble! (Makeuseof).

Why I Don’t Stream My Music

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‘Long-time readers of Wired magazine will recognize (with some sentimentality) their “wired/tired/expired” lists at the beginning of each issue. Happily, they ressurected the format for their year-end list. But — judging by the number of “expired” things I like and use — it’s a bittersweet reunion. I am perpetually the person who jumps on trends and ideas as they hit their close. Take their classification of music services, for example:

  • Wired Streaming Music
  • Tired Cloud-based Storage
  • Expired iTunes

My beloved iTunes collection is “expired”? And it’s out-hipped by some upstart streaming services like Spotify and Rdio? Geddafuggouttahere.

…Spotify and Rdio probably work really well for people who see music as a transient background interest. But I’m difficult and picky, and music is extremely important to me.’ (Pixel Envy).