Day: June 11, 2010

Humans Wonder, Anybody Home?

Synaptic Gasp

Clues to consciousness in nonmammals: “Many people (some scientists among them) would like to believe that consciousness sets the human mind apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. But whether in humans or other creatures, behavioral signs of cognizance all arise from the tangled interactions of neurons in the brain. So a growing number of scientists contend that animals with brain structures and neural circuitry similar to humans’ might experience something like human awareness, even if a bit less sophisticated.” (Science News)

Doubts Raised on Book’s Tale of Atom Bomb

A new book claims that the Hiroshima bomb was ‘a dud’, its destructive power cut in half by an accident that occurred while arming it. But it appears the author was duped by relying on an ‘eyewitness’ who wasn’t even there. (New York Times ).