Even the captain was asking, "What just happened?"

Adrift 500 Feet Under the Sea, a Minute Was an Eternity: “Last week, Navy investigators reported that a series of mistakes at sea and onshore caused the 6,900-ton submarine, the San Francisco, to run into an undersea mountain not on its navigational charts. One crewman was killed, 98 others were injured, and the captain and three other officers were relieved of their duties as a result of the Jan. 8 crash, one of the worst on an American submarine since the 1960’s.

But what is becoming clear only now, from the first interviews with Commander Mooney and 15 other officers and enlisted men, as well as a review of Navy reports, is how much worse it nearly was, and how close the San Francisco came to being lost.” (New York Times )

‘Piano Man’ update:

Police aid mysterious ‘Piano Man’ case: “Police have offered to help solve the mystery of the ‘Piano Man’ by examining any new leads that may emerge as a result of a high-profile campaign to identify him.

Nearly 500 people have contacted a helpline over the last 48 hours, giving possible names, but so far none have led to his true identity.” (Scotsman)

Mime Artist Claims to Know ‘Piano Man’: “Many callers have offered information about the mysterious ‘Piano Man,’ including a mime who said he was a fellow street musician, but the hospital patient who loves to play Tchaikovsky has yet to be positively identified, officials said Wednesday.

Michael Camp, the man’s social worker, acknowledged claims by a Polish immigrant in Rome who believes the so-called ‘Piano Man’ is a street musician from France — but he said officials will continue to follow up on more than 600 calls they have received from as far away as Australia and Canada.” (LA Times)