Against TCPA

Taking your freedom: “Why are so many people and small to medium companies see one of the biggest dangers of this century in TCPA/TCG (Trusted Computing)?

We drafted a small text, after which you shoule be able to answer it for yourself.”


A Tale of Two Fathers

Maureen Dowd appears to agree with my longstanding impression that Dubya is a malleable puppet under the control of ‘handlers’ from his father’s era:

“When Bush the Elder put Bush the Younger in the care of Dick Cheney, he assumed that Mr. Cheney, who had been his defense secretary in Desert Storm, would play the wise, selfless counselor. Poppy thought his old friend Dick would make a great vice president, tutoring a young president green on foreign policy and safeguarding the first Bush administration’s legacy of internationalism, coalition-building and realpolitik.

Instead, Good Daddy has had to watch in alarm as Bad Daddy usurped his son’s presidency, heightened its conservatism and rushed America into war on the mistaken assumption that if we just acted like king of the world, everyone would bow down or run away.”

But Dowd thinks, or hopes, there are grounds for encouragement:

“Last week, for the first time, W. — who tried to pattern his presidency as the mirror opposite of his real father’s — curbed his surrogate father’s hard-line crony Rummy (Mr. Cheney’s mentor in the Ford years).

The incurious George, who has said he prefers to get his information from his inner circle rather than newspapers or TV, may finally be waking up to the downside of such self-censorship. You can end up hearing a lot of bogus, self-serving garbage from Ahmad Chalabi, via Mr. Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz, instead of unpleasant reality.

I hope Mr. Bush at least read the news coverage of his vice president’s Iraq speech on Friday, which was a masterpiece of demagogy.” —New York Times