Are They Crazy?

The BBC reports that A Palestinian splinter group has reportedly claimed responsibility for the Gaza convoy blast that ‘kills four’. While the major Palestinian militant factions were quick to say they have no quarrel with non-Israelis, resentment is growing over the perception that the US sides with Israel. The US gave the usual assurances that it would bring the perpetrators to justice, and the FBI has already dispatched a team to the Middle East to investigate. The three American dead were security guards with a convoy of US officials interviewing Palestinians for Fulbright scholarships to study at US universities. Not your usual imperialist behavior guaranteed to foment resentment; while other indigenous movements are attentive to resisting cultural assimilation to Western ideals and values, this has not been an impressive focus of the intifada. I highly doubt this attack was predicated on resentment that Palestinian youth are being offered opportunities to study in the US.

So are these people crazy? If this was not a gross miscalculation, what possible advantage could they gain from drawing the US directly into the battle? A US that has shown it will assimilate anything and everything to the WoT®; will respond with withering indiscriminate military force, sending in yahoos who are exquisitely equitable and democratic to all their opponents — all ‘hajjis’ are terrorists and deserve to die. Are the Palestinians who planned this bombing watching Iraq and thinking that, in Palestine too, the US military will inspire a massive popular uprising much more effectively than Israeli oppression has?