Your Questions Answered

Paul Krugman himself responds, at length, to a query someone posted at Google Questions, trying to find out as much as they could about his private life in an apparent attempt to discredit him.

He (she?) doesn’t realize that friends of the administration must have already looked into all of this. Read Lou Dubose’s new book Boy Genius, about Karl Rove, and you’ll realize that if there was something there they would have used it. In fact, they would have invented something if they thought it would stick. But to save drstrangelove additional trouble and money, here are the answers:

[Zed again; he’s finding the darndest things recently…]

Righteous Indiscretion?

Pete Townshend’s ‘Bomb’: Recently arrested for viewing child pornography online, Pete Townshend says he is an outraged anti-porn crusader and was “doing research”. At least one Blogcritic believes him.

And: ” Iraqi President Saddam Hussein today told investigators he is not developing nuclear or biological weapons, but instead has been doing research for a book on weapons of mass destruction he hopes to see published next year.” BBspot News [via Walker]

EFF ’em:

Have you submitted your claim for a refund from the RIAA under the class action suit In re: Compact Disc Minimum Advertised Price Antitrust Litigation? You are entitled to a piece of the $67m action if you purchased any prerecorded music from a retail store during 1995-2000, a period during which the music industry was colluding to fix prices and defraud you. As pointed out on bOing bOing, there’s a move afoot for claimants to donate their share — expected to be between $5 and $20 — to the EFF.

Why the EFF?

They’ve earned it. This settlement is a direct result of media corporations taking advantage of consumers. It stands to reason that a non-profit which serves the interest of media consumers and artists should be a beneficiary. If there is any organization that tussles with the recording industry on a regular basis, it’s the EFF. …The EFF fights constantly to protect and broaden consumers’ and artists’ rights, or in some cases just trying to maintain what little rights we have. Let’s try to do something that will help prevent the media industry from manipulating the market again.

Sounds fair to me.

GOP senators on the warpath

Dissension in the ranks:

Republican senators gathering last Wednesday for their session-opening ”retreat” should have been happy, blessed with a regained majority and a popular president. They were not. Instead, they complained bitterly of arrogance by the Bush administration, especially the Pentagon, in treatment of Congress along the road to war. — Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times

I share Craig’s delight.

Bush or Bush Lite?

Joe Lieberman vs. Dubya? Now that would be the devil’s choice, and agrees. Not that the other Democratic contenders, as a bunch, are anything to swoon over, but what diid you expect? But Joe Lieberman? All you had to do was to listen to the soundbite of his announcement that he is in the race to find the words “lame” and “stiff”, if not something far less polite, welling up to your lips…