Contradicting Some U.S. Officials, 3 Scientists Call Anthrax Powder High-Grade — “Scientists in and out of government said

yesterday that the anthrax strike on Capitol

Hill involved an advanced, highly refined

powder that is quite dangerous and not the

primitive form of the germ that some federal

officials have recently described.”


Assertions by some federal officials that the material was not the type that would be used in weapons are

“nonsense,” (one) said. “The only difference between this and weapons grade is the size of the production.

You can produce a very good grade of anthrax powder in the lab. The issue is whether those efforts can

be expanded in scale, so you can make large quantities.”

Richard Spertzel, a microbiologist and former head of biological inspection teams in Iraq for the United

Nations, said he, too, had talked to federal investigators about the Senate powder.

“There’s no question this is weapons quality,” Spertzel said. “It has all the characteristics — fine

particles and readily dispersible.” Particles must be small to penetrate deep into human lungs, where they

can start a lethal infection.

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