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The Skeptic’s Dictionary: “A Critical Survey of Questionable Therapies, Eccentric Beliefs, Amusing Deceptions and Dangerous Delusions” by Robert T. Carroll, Professor of Philosophy, Sacramento City College. [via vampagan]

“Four disruptive technologies are emerging that promise to render not only the next wave of so-called 3G wireless networks irrelevant, but possibly even their 4G successors.”

: “…(T)he parlous state of the wireless-telecoms industry, and the difficulties surrounding the deployment of “third generation” (3G) networks in particular, could be taken as evidence that existing ways of doing things are reaching their limits, and that some radical new ideas are needed.

Here, then, are four emerging technologies that show much promise: smart antennas, mesh networks, ad hoc architectures, and ultra-wideband transmission. Smart antennas are already in use and mesh networks are starting to appear, while ad hoc architectures and ultra-wideband are still largely restricted to the laboratory. But each challenges existing ways of doing things; each, on its own, or in combination with others, could shake up the wireless world. The Economist

Tooth phone provides covert chat:

A prototype radio device designed to fit inside a human tooth and provide covert mobile phone communications has been created by two UK students. The device currently consists of a digital radio receiver that converts radio signals into sound and a tiny vibrating component, which conveys sound to the wearer’s inner ear through bone vibrations. New Scientist

Psychiatric reactions: this will not sit well with a number of paranoid schizophrenic patients. For decades, it has been a fairly common delusion, on the transmitter side, that their dental fillings are bugs. On the receiver side, some explain the auditory hallucinations that are a prominent part of the illness by invoking the small receivers that have been implanted in their heads, and sometimes their teeth. And I have heard tales of people being able to hear actual radio broadcasts, supposedly because their dental fillings are resonating with the broadcast frequency. This Google search on ‘ “dental fillings” and “radio” ‘ will take you further, you hear?

Solving the Case of the Missing Comets. Comets that get kicked into the inner solar system from the Oort Cloud and loop around the sun ought to enter elongated elliptical orbits that will bring them back, yet in the five decades that astronomers have figured this out, they have wondered why far too few ever make a return pass. Now, a new computer model suggests that 99% of them simply disintegrate. space.com

First picture of secretive carnivore: “An African carnivore that has not been spotted for 70 years has been captured on film for the first time, in the Udzungwa Mountains National Park in Tanzania. Known as Lowe’s servaline genet, the three-foot long animal is a relative of the mongoose. It was previously known only from descriptions and a single skin collected by hunters in 1932.” New Scientist

“Manual” — ‘An anthology of new work from seventeen writers with websites. It is available as a downloadable PDF…’

Re-engineering the Drug Business:

Sept. 11 and its new world of heightened border controls has made decentralization doubly important for international smuggling networks, be they Chinese, Colombian, Turkish or Nigerian. Ever since the big Cali and Medellin cartels were wiped out nearly a decade ago, virtually the entire narcotics trade has radically slimmed down. With the added pressure of 9/11 security measures, drug kingpins have adopted the mantra of their more enlightened corporate cousins, that size does not necessarily create efficiency, and that to survive you have to stay nimble.

Heroin is the perfect drug for the new age of small-batch manufacturing and decentralization, a high-value-added commodity where a little goes a very long way. In fact, it’s so well suited to the changing times that many cocaine traffickers are retooling their production lines to include heroin and joining the global trend toward leaner, meaner, terrorist-style operations. NY Times Magazine

Maureen Dowd: Hans, Franz & W.: “Does it ever occur to Mr. Bush and his aides to vacate the gym and nail down a Middle East policy?” NY Times op-ed

[Collapse into Cool]Starbucks yanks ads mocking 9/11: Could we be overreading this? I think not, especially recalling (as does Brooke Biggs of Bittershack, from whom I cribbed this link) that the Starbucks near the WTC site took it upon itself to charge relief workers for their water in the first days after the attack. This (right) was a window poster appearing at 3000 Starbucks storefronts (including the ones in lower Manhattan near the WTC), depicting twin towering cups of their iced fruit tea drinks being dive bombed by a dragon fly, with the legend “Collapse into Cool.” The posters have been pulled after numerous consumer complaints. NY Post [Awaiting a public response from Starbucks corporate headquarters. On the one hand, it is hard to understand such depraved indifference on the part even of an ad agency, but on the other hand look at how much added press Starbucks gets out of this, even if bad. Just one more reason to refrain from patronizing them, if you needed another reason…  –FmH]

Nat Perry: Bush’s Grim Vision:

“In the nine months since Sept. 11, George W. Bush has put the United States on a course that is so bleak that few analysts have – as the saying goes – connected the dots. If they had, they would see an outline of a future that mixes constant war overseas with abridgment of constitutional freedoms at home, a picture drawn by a politician who once joked, “If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier – so long as I’m the dictator.” The Consortium

While I certainly agree with the sentiment, how well-established is the egregious — stupid even for George W. — quote? Should snopes.com look into it?