[Collapse into Cool]Starbucks yanks ads mocking 9/11: Could we be overreading this? I think not, especially recalling (as does Brooke Biggs of Bittershack, from whom I cribbed this link) that the Starbucks near the WTC site took it upon itself to charge relief workers for their water in the first days after the attack. This (right) was a window poster appearing at 3000 Starbucks storefronts (including the ones in lower Manhattan near the WTC), depicting twin towering cups of their iced fruit tea drinks being dive bombed by a dragon fly, with the legend “Collapse into Cool.” The posters have been pulled after numerous consumer complaints. NY Post [Awaiting a public response from Starbucks corporate headquarters. On the one hand, it is hard to understand such depraved indifference on the part even of an ad agency, but on the other hand look at how much added press Starbucks gets out of this, even if bad. Just one more reason to refrain from patronizing them, if you needed another reason…  –FmH]