A number of you complained (but not more loudly than I did to myself!) that this page had stopped wrapping to pagewidth as of this morning. I don’t know how it happened but some text (the awful Scottish poem snippet below) which I had entered between “preformatted” tags, had alluvasudden lost its linefeeds somehow and was one long line whose width now had to be accommodated. Should be fixed now, please let me know if it isn’t.

In working on this I played around with my template a little. It works fine for me in Mozilla 1.0 and IE6, but let me know if it messes up in your browser. The experiment I tried several months ago with David Gagne’s CSS-based (table-less) redesign loaded much faster and worked fine for me in Mozilla and IE6 but had so many inexplicable layout problems for some readers that I gave up and went back to a table-based layout.

The other thing that happened in fixing the formatting was that I deleted this morning’s post about the Pledge of Allegiance ruling. No loss — I thought better of my “free speech” argument, in which I said something like, ‘What’s the fuss? If you don’t like “one nation under God”, you’ve always been free to omit the words or skip the Pledge entirely; I’ve boycotted it since the Vietnam war…’. The Court ruling, of course, was in the spirit of the Establishment clause (‘Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion…’) instead, since the First Amendment guarantee of free speech doesn’t really work in a coercive environment (as we are quickly to learn under the Ashcroft Regime). But I still wonder what’s different about our national currency subjecting us to “In God we trust” in that case. Was Bush giving the nod to this when he took time out of his busy day at the G8 summit to splutter that the country “values our relationship with the Almighty”? That’s the Almighty Dollar, right? And I was certainly entertained by the furious, defiant recitation of the (unredacted) Pledge by Our Elected Representatives® in response to the ruling. On the other hand, a friend of mine wrote, finding the Congressional rebellion more ominous:

And bipartisan disrespect for a federal court ruling? Am I wrong, or are the legislators and the executives ganging up on the judiciary (at least one of whom caved pretty readily). Though, I guess that this administration will find the Supreme Court handily in its pocket, if necessary. I don’t recall any bipartisan mockery of the court-sanctioned (Presidential) election…