Psychiatrists warn the Mueller report provides more evidence Donald Trump is mentally unfit to serve

Brad Reed writing on “Psychiatrists warn…”:

‘Three psychiatrists have written an editorial for the Boston Globe warning that special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election shows more evidence that President Donald Trump is mentally unfit to hold office.

The psychiatrists — Dr. Bandy X. Lee of Yale, Dr. Leonard L. Glass of Harvard Medical School, and Edwin B. Fisher of University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill — argue that Mueller’s report provides a disturbing new window into the president’s behavior, which is frequently marked by impulsive emotional meltdowns.

“The pattern that emerges of the president is one of rash, short-sighted decision-making, without consideration of consequences,” they write. “Reckless, impulsive moves that are self-destructive, despite the intention of self-protection, are characteristic of dangerous impairment. They impede Trump’s capacity to prioritize national security.”

They then quote from sections of the Mueller report that illustrate these behaviors, including his efforts to dangle pardons to potential witnesses and his effort to get Mueller fired as special counsel….’

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3 thoughts on “Psychiatrists warn the Mueller report provides more evidence Donald Trump is mentally unfit to serve

  1. yeah, well, I suggest the article — not your forwarding of it — is an instance of haughty click-bait. Who cares what 3 shrinks write in an op-ed for the Globe, except for self-congratulatory, “Ya see !? I tol’ ya so !” high-fives? What ..might.. matter ..might.. be a sober, professional assessment submitted with scrupulous, NDA-level confidentiality to key GOP and D leaders — if such an assessment can ever be considered professionally valid when based only on a politician’s or media star’s public comments and especially if the diagnosers were certifiably steadfast GOP members whose financial and other kinds of support have been and promise to be significant. Net-net, no reason to read the article, imo.


  2. Bandy Lee edited _The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump_, collecting concerns raised by 27 prominent American psychiatrists on Trump’s mental fitness for office. I think the “I-told-you-so” flavor of the current editorial is warranted, given that I share the conclusion of the earlier book that Trump’s psychopathology represents a clear and present danger to the country and the future of humanity. It is valid, IMHO, to update the armchair diagnosis with further evidence and, at that, evidence that meets good evidentiary standards. If it hasn’t already been done, a fundraising project to send copies of the book to all members of the Senate and the House would be warranted, although you and I know that the proportion of legislators who would read the book would probably be infinitesimal.


    1. Your comment shows mine was unclear in one important respect. I meant and feel no dispute with the editorial’s content or writers’ intent. My comment is too heavily colored by my acute fatigue and dispirit that nothing has had or seems likely to have influence over the people who need to be influenced, GOP leadership. Deep discouragement that “there is no bottom”, and so on and so on, but while I have given up thinking anything will have influence, I certainly should not have knocked you or anyone else for trying to have some.


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