Are Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder Really DIstinct Disorders?


‘Researchers found compelling molecular evidence suggesting that bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, traditionally viewed as distinct conditions, may have more similarities than previously thought.

By examining thousands of proteins present at synapses in the brains of patients with each disorder, they found changes that were remarkably alike. The team also discovered similar biochemical alterations in mice with a mutated gene linked to both conditions….’ (Neuroscience News)

Massive grizzly bears battle for dominance at Alaskan National Park

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‘A wildlife expedition guide has shared a video of the “most extreme bear interaction” he has seen in his 25 years on the job. The clip, which you can watch below, shows two huge male grizzly bears locked in a vicious fight for dominance at Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Alaska….’ (Advnture)

More than eight minutes’ incredible video of the majesty and brutality, marred only by intermittent voiceover by the photographer.

Town hall audience was “disgusted” and “bewildered” by trump, but CNN told them not to boo, only to applaud

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‘Republican political consultant Matthew Bartlett says CNN’s town hall with trump was rigged to make it look like everyone in the audience was in agreement with trump, even though many in attendance were “disgusted” and “bewildered,” reports Mediaite.

“The floor manager came out ahead of time and said, Please do not boo, please be respectful. You were allowed to applaud,” Bartlett told Puck News senior political correspondent Tara Palmeri….’ (Boing Boing)