R.I.P. Gordon Lightfoot


 Canadian Singer-Songwriter Dies at 84

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‘His rich baritone and gift for melodies made him one of the most popular artists of the 1970s….’ (The New York Times)


I remember fondly inviting him back to my dorm room after he gave a concert at my college. A dozen of us sat around in a circle on the floor with the man at times called ‘Canada’s greatest songwriter’ as he humbly sang the night away. I got a command performance of ‘Early Morning Rain.’ 

A.I. Is Getting Better at Mind-Reading

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‘In a recent experiment, researchers used large language models to translate brain activity into words.

…Scientists recorded M.R.I. data from three participants as they listened to 16 hours of narrative stories to train the model to map between brain activity and semantic features that captured the meanings of certain phrases and the associated brain response…’ (The New York Times)