5 Reasons We Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Aliens

Astrobiologist Lewis Dartnell explains why we shouldn’t be afraid of alien visitors:

  • Why Aliens Wouldn’t Want to Enslave Us or Breed with Us
  • Why Aliens Wouldn’t Want to Eat Us
  • Why Aliens Wouldn’t Come Here to Steal Our Water
  • Why Aliens Wouldn’t Come Here for Some Other Raw Material
  • Why Aliens Wouldn’t Want to Colonize and Live Here


Source: Big Think

Daryl Bem proved ESP is real. Which means science is broken.

‘If one had to choose a single moment that set off the “replication crisis” in psychology—an event that nudged the discipline into its present and anarchic state, where even textbook findings have been cast in doubt—this might be it: the publication, in early 2011, of Daryl Bem’s experiments on second sight.’

Source: Slate

Can Plants Hear?

‘Pseudoscientific claims that music helps plants grow have been made for decades, despite evidence that is shaky at best. Yet new research suggests some flora may be capable of sensing sounds, such as the gurgle of water through a pipe or the buzzing of insects.’

Source: Scientific American