After a 33-Year Absence, a Lost Beach Returns to Ireland

‘Why go to the beach when you can wait for the beach to come to you? For the people of Dooagh, Ireland—an island village off the country’s western coast—this patience has finally paid off. After 33 years, a beach stolen from them by a freak storm has returned, transforming a rough, rocky coastline back into a summer destination.’

Source: Atlas Obscura

Top Secret Unmanned Air Force Spaceplane Lands After Two Years in Orbit 

‘The US Air Force’s secretive X-37B spaceplane landed yesterday after 718 days in orbit—just twelve days shy of a full two years. What was it doing up there in the sky? The government won’t say. Even the spaceplane’s budget is a secret. But the X-37B’s landing wasn’t so stealth. The spaceplane caused a sonic boomthat woke up people living near NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.


The secret, reusable spaceplane is made by Boeing and is unmanned, allowing it to conduct extended missions, even if the public has no idea what those missions might be. This was the X-37B’s fourth mission (all secret, of course) and the spaceplane typically lands in California, not Florida. Again, we don’t know enough about the spaceplane’s purpose to speculate about why it landed in Florida and woke up the neighbors this time around…’

Source: Gizmodo