Oxford University: students must refer to each other with gender-neutral pronoun ‘ze’

‘Oxford University students must refer to each other with the gender-neutral pronoun “ze” instead of “he” or “she,” according to a new handout from the college’s student union officers. The decision is intended to diminish discrimination and prevent transgender students from being offended by the use of incorrect pronouns, according to the Independent. Deliberately choosing to use the undesired pronoun for a transgender person is an offense in the new code. “This issue isn’t about being [politically correct],” Peter Tatchell, a human rights campaigner and LGBT activist, told the U.K.’s Times. “It’s about respecting people’s right to define themselves as neither male nor female.” The plan at Oxford is to see the gender-neutral pronoun “ze” not only used socially, but also adopted in college lectures and seminars.’

Source: The Blaze

However, if I were to be pedantic I would point out that The Blaze has a different grammar problem. I think they want to say “refer to one another” rather than “…each other”.