We Survive Because Reality May Be Nothing Like We Think It Is

‘Professor of cognitive science at the University of California, Irvine Donald H. Hoffman has doubts that reality is much like what we think it is. We live in a mental construction, he says, a sort of utilitarian fantasy, of our own devising. And it’s not a problem that it may not be a true representation of reality — in fact, it may be evolutionarily necessary. His study, “Natural selection and verdical perceptions” concludes, among other things, that “perceptual information is shaped by natural selection to reflect utility, not to depict reality.”  …’

Source: Big Think

Police: This Is How a Dog Wears Pants

Last year, the internet wondered how a dog might wear pants. We now have the answer, as per a tweet by the Bellevue, Washington police dept about a dog they found. The pup sported a green baseball sweater and pants on his hind legs and looked “very angry”. Wouldn’t you?

Source: Gizmodo