Anti-Evolution Bills Are Defeated In Missouri

‘Two proposed pieces of legislation—including one that would have required school districts to allow parents to have their children excused from learning about evolution—were left to die in committee when the Missouri state legislature adjourned. The news comes as a relief to educators who said the legislation would have “eviscerated the teaching of biology” in Missouri…’ (io9).

R.I.P. Dr. Sidney J. Blatt, 85

Psychologist Developed ‘Double Helix’ Theory of Depression: ‘Dr. Blatt was a widely published Freudian analyst at Yale in the 1970s when he began arguing in essays and scientific reports that personality developed along two intertwined pathways, one focused on identity and the other on relationships.

Disruptions in either pathway could cause identical symptoms of depression, he wrote, yet the two conditions were distinct and called for different treatment approaches. The identity-based depression — “I am a failure” — responded well to classical psychoanalysis, with the therapist as a passive listener, helping to elicit growth in an independent sense of self; the relationship-based type — “I am unlovable” — could be relieved more effectively by a more assertive therapist, guiding the formation of relationships.’ (NYTimes obituary)