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Watch Real-Time Births and Deaths in the U.S.

‘ The real-time map is a simulation, providing a qualitative view of births and deaths.

“[The map] can apparently seem to evoke a strange mixture of emotions,” Lyon, the map’s creator, said. “At least for me, it is a bit overwhelming and sobering, and provides some perspective on how big 300 million+ really is. However, if the rates and population counts are correct, something like this is actually happening as I type this. It\s just weird.” ‘ (PolicyMic).

Why All Americans Must Unite Behind Rand Paul’s Anti-NSA Lawsuit

‘Liberals, conservatives, and libertarians unite! If ever there was a time for us to see past our differences in the name of a common cause, that time is now.

As Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) announced last night, a movement is afoot for a class action lawsuit against the federal government over the National Security Agency\’s decision to spy on millions of American citizens. The petition on his website has already received thousands of signatures…, with Paul rightly pointing out that “every person in America who has a cell phone would be eligible for this suit.” If any fault can be found with this petition drive, it is the fact that it immediately solicits donations from the plaintiffs for Rand Paul’s personal Political Action Committee, Rand 2016.

This is unfortunate because, although Paul himself is a heavy libertarian conservative, the issue he is championing could — and, more importantly, should — rally Americans of all philosophical persuasions.’ (PolicyMic).