A Guide To Everything Google Has Been Asked To Censor

The internet is all about the free flow of ideas, right? Collaboration! Discourse! Sharing! The day to day reality of what we do online may not always be quite so idealistic and ideologically motivated, but the open underpinnings are there. Except, of course, when theyre not at all. This visualization, published by Sebastian Sadowski, uses Googles transparency data to visualize all the things the company has been asked to censor.The governments of many countries routinely ask Google to suppress content across sites like Google Search and YouTube. Reasons range from national security, to suicide promotion, and government criticism. There are also categories for “other” and “reason unspecified.” Its interesting to see which countries are better or worse than you thought they would be. And check out that little chunk of mint green “reason unspecified” censorship on the U.S. chart. (Gizmodo).

Escape a Tornado While on the Road by Knowing How Tornadoes Move

“I got this post idea from data visualization expert John Nelson, who posted on his blog the direction in which tornadoes have traveled over the last 63 years. From the data, he discovered that a majority of the tornadoes moved in a northeastern direction, with a handful of them moving east. Knowing this, you have an advantage as far as what direction a tornado will go if you get caught up in the midst of one, and you can drive in a different direction away from the tornado to avoid it.” (Hackerspace).