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The Teen Brain: The More Mature, the More Reckless

Do you find my brain? - Auf der Suche nach mei...

This blink was sent to me by my son: Hidden agenda, d’you think?

“The most common-sense explanation for teens’ carelessness is that their brains just aren’t developed enough to know better. But new research suggests that in the case of some teens, the culprit is just the opposite: the brain matures not too slowly but, perhaps, too quickly.

In a paper just published in PLoS ONE — a journal of the Public Library of Science — a team led by psychiatrist Gregory Berns of Emory University in Atlanta shows that adolescents who engage in more dangerous activities have white-matter pathways that appear more mature than those of risk-averse youths.” (Time) via noah

The Smell of Space

STS-116 Shuttle Mission Imagery S116-E-05983 (...

Strong, metallic and unique, NASA astronauts say: “There is one smell up here that is really unique though and that is the smell, we just call it ‘the smell of space’.

“I haven’t had a chance to do a spacewalk yet … but when the other guys did and they came back in, … there’s this really, really strong metallic smell.” (Sydney Morning Herald)