Sorry we can’t

Sorry. No column today. The keyboard is not responding. History is a page being turned. Three words on the screen: “Yes we can.” While it is impossible to joke with genocide or disaster, it is equally impossible to joke with an event that makes you weep for joy. The first worldwide good news since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 needs more than a pirouette or an amused wink. At this moment – but for how long ? – we can say with far more conviction than on 11 September 2001 : we are all Americans.’ — Robert Solé (Le Monde Opinions via julia)

Stumbling Over Campaign Ethics Pledge?

“President-elect Barack Obama, now recruiting for his administration, is trying to fulfill campaign promises of sweeping ethics restrictions that could deter some potential appointees.Vowing to combat the power of “lobbyists who kill good ideas and good plans with secret meetings and campaign checks,” Mr. Obama has laid out more detailed and more onerous ethics rules than any previous president.” (New York Times )

How the CNN Holographic Interview System Works

“CNN's holographic election coverage is fancy pantsy, but how did they manage to send 3D 360 degree footage of virtual correspondent Jessica Yellin from Chicago all the way to the station's election center in NY? As Arthur C. Clarke says, Magic. A magic made possible from technology Vizrt and SportVu with the help of forty-four HD cameras and twenty computers. Here are the details.(Gizmodo)

Discriminatory Marriage Amendments Pass in AZ and FL

Hrc_logo.png, which has ...
“We all know that our marriages did not begin with a court decision and they will not end with a vote on a discriminatory amendment” – Joe Solmonese, President of the Human Rights Campaign.

Voters in Arizona and Florida passed amendments to their states’ constitutions enshrining discrimination against LGBT people and denying marriage, and in some cases civil unions or domestic partnerships as well, to same-sex couples. Proposition 8 in California still remains too close to call. (HRC)