Should all Arctic species be red-listed?

“Just two weeks after the US decided to list the polar bear as an endangered species because of the threat of climate change, conservationists have launched a campaign to afford its diet – Arctic seals – the same protection.

The same scientists say tens of thousands more Arctic species may soon be listed as ‘endangered’ because of a threat several decades down the line. Some conservationists argue that all Arctic species be listed.” (New Scientist)

Teeshirt with gun-toting robot brands you a terrorist at Heathrow

The Edge of Madness: “Go through security, get pulled to the side. I’m wearing a French Connection Transformers t-shirt. Bloke starts joking with me is that Megatron. Then he explains that since Megatron is holding a gun, I’m not allowed to fly. WTF? It’s a 40 foot tall cartoon robot with a gun as an arm. There is no way this shirt is offensive in any way, and what I’m going to use the shirt to pretend I have a gun?” [via boing boing]

(And, if secutiry had looked at the teeshirt label, the passenger would have really been in trouble: ‘FCUK’.)

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