Don't Smile Too Much: “A German psychologist has warned ‘professional smilers’ such as flight attendants and shop assistants that too much forced smiling can cause stress, depression and even heart problems.” (Der Spiegel)

The Stealth Campaign to Delegitimize Obama

‘democrat_to_the_end’ writes: “Last night, I got a wake-up call. I listened to the audio of her conference call with bloggers, which a DUer was kind enough to partially transcribe, and I realized that while she may bow out on June 4 and endorse Obama and encourage her supporters to vote for him, there’s more to her strategy than meets the eye. I don’t think she is planning to take this to the Convention, and she could be angling for the VP slot. But there’s a far more troubling possibility here. From the sound of what she encouraged her bloggers to push last night, it sounds like she is trying to delegitimize him or cloud his legitimacy when he eventually clinches the nomination, as part of a stealth campaign for 2012.” (Daily Kos)