Check the meter!

//' cannot be displayed] The newest take on urban camping:

“Sometimes you come upon a product that makes you go: Uh, what? The thing in the picture is one of those. At first we thought it was a Fisher Price attempt at a car cover, until we noticed the scaffolding and the woman — who’s standing up — ‘unzipping the door.’ But when we realized what it actually is, we had all kinds of questions that began with ‘Why would anyone ….’ Wait until you see what’s inside. We won’t spoil the surprise. ” (AutoBlog)

Bush’s European disaster

Sidney Blumenthal in Salon: “I returned from Europe a week before President Bush departed for the G8 summit in Germany. In Rome and Paris I met with Cabinet ministers who uniformly said the chief issue in transatlantic relations is somehow making it through the last 18 months of the Bush administration without further major disaster. None of the nonpartisan think tanks in Washington can organize seminars on this overriding reality, but within the European councils of state the trepidation about the last days of Bush is the No. 1 issue in foreign affairs.”