Why Is Sgt. Pepper So Overhyped?

A conversation between David Marchese and Gina Arnold: “I wonder if the reason “Sgt. Pepper” attracts such a conspicuous amount of critical praise is that the songs actually don’t hold up as examples of the band’s best work. Justifying “Sgt. Pepper’s” status requires a lot of bluster.

I can’t really explain calling it the greatest album of all time. One of my gripes about rock critics is listmania. What does it say that “Sgt. Pepper” is rated so highly? It just seems so obvious that “Abbey Road” is a better album, that “Revolver” is a better album.

So what does it say that “Sgt. Pepper” is thought of so highly?

You know, there’ve been a lot of books written about 1968 and 1969 — those are really the seminal ’60s years — but maybe “Sgt. Pepper” exudes something about 1967, an innocence and an optimism that existed before the RFK and Martin Luther King Jr. assassinations and Altamont. We just can’t pinpoint it in any one song. “

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