The real reason cars and cellphones do not mix

“We all know it’s not good to talk on a cellphone while driving. But why is it any worse than talking to a passenger, if you’re on a hands-free phone? It had been assumed the reason was that a companion will stop talking if you need to concentrate. But now it turns out there could be another factor. It concerns the speed of the car, the strength of the signal and the mechanics of your brain…” (New Scientist)

When You Wake the Black Man from Boston, Nicholas Scratch Will Surely Come to Call

“On July 12, 2003, Sen. Santorum cried out and pointed an accusing finger at the Black Man from Boston, falling into the trap that has resulted in destroyed lives, reputations, and the end of great political movements, especially religiously fueled ones.

For you see, when you cry out on the Black Man from Boston, you wake Nicholas Scratch, and he will surely come to call on you.

I am tempted to ask the good Republican Senator from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: Are you entirely sure you want to get the estimable Mr. Scratch’s attention? ” (Lizbeth Marcs)