For Surfers, a Roving Hot Spot That Shares…

…and means trouble for cellular providers: “With a device called the Junxion Box, (anyone) can set up a mobile multiuser Internet connection anywhere (you get) cellphone service. The box, about the size of a shoebox cover, uses a cellular modem card from a wireless phone carrier to create a Wi-Fi hot spot that lets dozens of people connect to the Internet.

… But what may be a boon for wandering Web surfers could quickly become a threat to wireless providers. ‘The premise is one person buys an air card and one person uses the service, not an entire neighborhood,’ said Jeffrey Nelson, executive director for corporate communications at Verizon Wireless. ‘Giving things away for free doesn’t work anymore. It never did.’

Unlimited service on cellular modem cards for PC’s costs about $80 a month. The carriers are clearly worried about a technology that could destroy that business, but they have not formed a united front against Junxion.

… The commercial version of the box retails for $699. They plan a less expensive consumer version next year.” (New York Times )

Next front in the ‘information-wants-to-be-free’ war? It is easy to recall that, when I first got a broadband connection several years ago, my provider was committed to trying to prevent sharing that connection among the computers in my house too. They soon gave up on that one…

I’m sure this is part of the War on Terror®

Police pursue girl over stone: “An 11-year-old girl who threw a stone at a group of boys pelting her with water balloons is being prosecuted on serious assault charges in California. Maribel Cuevas was arrested in April in a police operation which involved three police cars and a helicopter. She has since spent five days in detention, in which she was granted one 30 minute visit by her parents, and has spent a month under house arrest.

Her lawyer accuses the authorities of criminalising childhood behaviour. ‘They’re treating her like a violent parole offender,’ Richard Beshwate said. ‘It’s not a felony, it’s an 11-year-old acting like an 11-year-old.’

The girl is due back in court at the beginning of next month.

Police say they had to investigate as the boy who was hit by the stone she threw suffered a deep gash to his head and needed hospital treatment. He has reportedly acknowledged to officers that he started the fight in late April.

The confrontation happened in a poor district of Fresno, in central California, where Maribel Cuevas lives with her Spanish-speaking family.” (BBC)

Addendum: Fight Back:

Guardian man revealed as hardline Islamist

The Guardian newspaper is refusing to sack one of its staff reporters despite confirming that he is a member of one of Britain’s most extreme Islamist groups.

Dilpazier Aslam, who has been allowed to report on the London bombings from Leeds and was also given space to write a column in last Wednesday’s edition of The Guardian, is a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, a radical world organisation which seeks to form a global Islamic state regulated by sharia law.

It is understood that staff at The Guardian were unaware that Mr Aslam was a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir until allegations surfaced on ‘The Daily Ablution’, a blog run by Scott Burgess. Speculation is mounting that it may have been a sting by Hizb ut-Tahrir to infiltrate the mainstream media.

Late on Friday The Guardian released a statement to The Independent on Sunday saying: ‘Dilpazier Aslam is a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, an organisation which is legal in this country. We are keeping the matter under review.’ The paper refused to comment further.” (Independent.UK)

Follow the Uranium

Frank Rich, New York Times op-ed: “Well, of course, Karl Rove did it. He may not have violated the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982, with its high threshold of criminality for outing a covert agent, but there’s no doubt he trashed Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame. We know this not only because of Matt Cooper’s e-mail, but also because of Mr. Rove’s own history. Trashing is in his nature, and bad things happen, usually through under-the-radar whispers, to decent people (and their wives) who get in his way. In the 2000 South Carolina primary, John McCain’s wife, Cindy, was rumored to be a drug addict (and Senator McCain was rumored to be mentally unstable). In the 1994 Texas governor’s race, Ann Richards found herself rumored to be a lesbian. The implication that Mr. Wilson was a John Kerry-ish girlie man beholden to his wife for his meal ticket is of a thematic piece with previous mud splattered on Rove political adversaries. The difference is that this time Mr. Rove got caught.

Even so, we shouldn’t get hung up on him – or on most of the other supposed leading figures in this scandal thus far. Not Matt Cooper or Judy Miller or the Wilsons or the bad guy everyone loves to hate, the former CNN star Robert Novak. This scandal is not about them in the end, any more than Watergate was about Dwight Chapin and Donald Segretti or Woodward and Bernstein. It is about the president of the United States. It is about a plot that was hatched at the top of the administration and in which everyone else, Mr. Rove included, are at most secondary players.”

Sect Symbol

Paris vows not to honor Tom Cruise: “In a debate on Monday, the municipal assembly agreed ‘never to welcome the actor Tom Cruise, spokesman for S*c*i*e*n*t*o*l*o*g*y and self-declared militant for this organisation,’ and one authority described the actor as a ‘sect- symbol’.” (Religion News Blog )