Still following?

Here’s something I said on FmH ten years ago today:

“In case any FmH readers were wondering how I’ve come by my opinionated gall, it may have something to do with the fact that I turn 50 years old today. (Others may be thinking I probably shouldn’t be doing this at my age…). And my son turns eight today…”

So today my son is eighteen, and I’ve put on a few years too. Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful birthday greetings.


7 thoughts on “Still following?

  1. Dear Eliot,

    Your blog is still one of the most stimulating places on the web, I try to see what you’re up to every day. Happy Birthday, and may you be up to interesting things for many more years!

    -Ray L.


  2. Your son is 18? I remember hearing about Harry Potter here because you were reading it to your son. I figured it might be worth reading. I can’t believe I have been reading a blog for so long.


  3. Happy birthday, Eliot. You’re my most long-standing blog crush. May it continue for many more years!


  4. wow, congrats. it’s amazing to think I was probably reading FmH already when you wrote that! wow.


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