Another U.S. Diplomatic Triumph:

N Korea talks over: Powell

“They should not leave this series of discussions that have been held in Beijing with the slightest impression that the United States and its partners and the nations in the region will be intimidated by bellicose statements or by threats or actions they think might get them more attention or might force us to make a concession that we would not otherwise make,” he said. (Need I translate? Only the U.S. is permitted to attempt to intimidate with such bellicose threats, since we’re the only superpower.)

In Case You Were Wondering Dept. II:

Annan Labels Coalition ‘Occupying Force’: ‘U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan called Thursday on the U.S.-led coalition to respect international law as the “occupying power” in Iraq, drawing immediate ire from U.S. officials.

“I hope the coalition will set an example by making clear that they intend to act strictly within the rules” governing occupations, Annan told the U.N. Human Rights Commission.’ Seattle Post-Intelligencer

In Case You Were Wondering Dept III:

Corporate Vultures Swoop Into the Killing Fields: “Iraq is going to hell. Shiites are killing Sunnis, Kurds are killing Arabs and Islamists are killing secular Baathists. Baghdad, the cradle of human civilization, has been left to looters and rapists. As in Beirut during the ’70s, neighborhood zones are separated by checkpoints manned by armed tribesmen. The war has, however, managed to unite Iraqis in one respect: everyone loathes the United States.” — Ted Rail