Catch Up with New Science:

Every so often, when I catch up with New Scientist news, I hit upon an amazing concentration of stories that resonate with importance or fascination, to any number of which I feel I could post links. So I will:

The U.S. Betrays Its Core Values.

Gunter Grass: “Many people find themselves in a state of despair these days, and with good reason. Yet we must not let our voices, our no to war and yes to peace, be silenced. What has happened? The stone that we pushed to the peak is once again at the foot of the mountain. But we must push it back up, even with the knowledge that we can expect it to roll back down again.” CommonDreams


The United States is a great nation and a great people that is also capable of great acts. The overthrow of the Iraqi fascist dictatorship is one. Its completion calls for another that matches the terrible seriousness of this moment: an expression of humility. openDemocracy

Pariah State:

The War in Context: ‘Since most Americans never set foot on foreign soil, to be told that we are now citizens of a pariah state is a claim that will just as likely provoke disbelief or indifference rather than being a cause for alarm. But those Americans who now out of desire or necessity travel overseas are repeatedly being confronted with stark choices on how to represent themselves in the face of widespread hostility. Do they venture forth as proud Americans ready to rebut false accusations and defend a noble but widely misunderstood nation? Do they try and pass themselves off as Canadians, or do they simply plead, “I’m not responsible for my government?” ‘ Remarks were prompted by this article: Islamic world less welcoming to American scholars. NY Times

America on probation:

America is on probation. That, in four words, is my verdict on Gulf war II. America can still prove, by what it does over the next few years in the Middle East, that it was right in what it did during this last month of war. On what I see at the moment, I fear that the United States will show itself to have been wrong. Not grotesquely, criminally wrong, but prudentially, politically wrong. Then “the judgment of history”, invoked by Tony Blair in the House of Commons on Tuesday, may come in the famous words of Talleyrand: “It was worse than a crime; it was a mistake.” — Timothy Garton Ash, Guardian/UK

The Clinton Top 100:

Where Are They Now?

Two years after they left the federal government and one year after a ban that limited their lobbying activities expired, more than half of the top one hundred Clinton White House officials went on to represent, work for or advise businesses and entities in areas they regulated while they were in office, a Center for Public Integrity survey has found. Center for Public Integrity

Take Action: Stop MUMS Act!

It puts transgenic animals on fast track & weakens animal drug regulations.

Urge your Senators to neither support nor cosponsor

S. 741, the Minor Use/Minor Species Act (MUMS). This

bill is controversial and full of loopholes. If passed,

MUMS would abbreviate the Food and Drug Administration’s

(FDA) review procedures of genetically-engineered animals,

including fast-growing salmon, and it probably would

worsen the human health crisis of antibiotic resistance

by allowing the wider use of antibiotics in agriculture

and aquaculture. Center for Science in the Public Interest