I’ve told lots of people this story by K r i s t i n T h o m a s about her replacing her Tide with RIT dye to get back at the neighbors who were helping themselves to her detergent. Most of the people I tell it to are appalled (some have asked me if I heard it from one of my patients). But IMHO her whimsical vengefulness is justified well … not the least by the fact that her antagonists kept using the bottle with the dye in it again and again and again!

Pentagon Study Casts Doubt on Missile Defense Schedule. ‘Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld has indicated a willingness to

deploy a system before tests have been completed if an attack seems imminent,’ but here’s where we are so far:

‘…An October 1999 test in

which a Global Positioning System inside a mock warhead helped guide an

intercept missile toward a target over the Pacific…was successful, but two

more recent flight tests failed.

None of those tests used the kinds of sophisticated decoys that a real ballistic

missile would use to confuse an antimissile system, the report said. Instead, the

decoy in each test was a large balloon that did not look like a warhead and that

the kill vehicle’s sensors could easily distinguish from the target.

The report also asserted that the Pentagon had not even scheduled a test

involving multiple targets, the likely situation in an attack. And it found software

problems with a training simulator that made it appear as if twice as many

warheads had been fired at the United States as had been intended in a 1999


The simulator then fired interceptors at those “phantom tracks,” and operators

were unable to override it, the report said.’ New York Times

Birth in Boston Riches, Death in Idaho Ruins: “It was an unlikely ending for a man who

had been born into a Boston Brahmin

family, who had started out with money,

charm, status and an elite education. One of

the enduring American myths is that of the

pioneer who heads West and strikes it rich.

Michael McGuckin’s story is the opposite. He

came to Idaho with everything and lost it

all, leaving behind a penniless family that so

mistrusted outsiders that his children

barricaded themselves inside their squalid

house for five days while the international

news media camped down the road.” A descent into madness, perhaps potentiated by his multiple sclerosis, propels the tragic story. New York Times