Pete Buttigieg reportedly really wants a Cabinet spot

…but not just any Cabinet spot

‘Buttigieg’s top choice in a Biden administration was reportedly ambassador to the United Nations — a Cabinet-level post in Buttigieg’s preferred arena of foreign policy. But Biden passed Buttigieg over for that role, giving it to Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who has worked in Foreign Service almost as long as Buttigieg has been alive.

It’s not that Biden isn’t fond of Buttigieg; He has gone so far as to compare the former mayor to his late son Beau. Instead, Biden has been focused on picking women and people of color for his top spots — something that has frustrated those looking for LGBTQ leaders in the Democratic administration, Washington Blade reports. And Buttigieg hasn’t made it easy for Biden to include him either. Buttigieg shook off talks of being Biden’s Office of Management and Budget director because he wanted a “real Cabinet” position and not a “staff-level” job, a Democratic insider tells Washington Blade. He also reportedly squashed talks of leading the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Now, Biden is considering giving Buttigieg a high-profile ambassadorship, potentially even sending him to China, Axios reports. Buttigieg is also reportedly being considered for some remaining domestic roles — something his supporters see as a way to build his profile before another presidential run….’

— Via Yahoo News

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  1. Biden should require that any applicant for ambassador to the U.N. must pledge to send all official mail through the U.N. Postal Administration, using United Nations postage stamps. Biden should also require that anybody who wants to be postmaster general must pledge to pick up that mail at the end of each work day, not Tuesday morning after the holiday weekend.


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