The establishment didn’t destroy Bernie Sanders. He destroyed himself.

57a7b1bc 4c3d 4c7b 99dc 5b79ae84d1cbWilliam Saletan writing in Slate:

‘What hurt him was that Biden increased his share of the vote, while Sanders didn’t. As other candidates dropped out, their voters went to Biden, not Sanders. And one reason for this pattern is Sanders’ constant message of antagonism. He has cultivated enemies instead of friends. Now he’s paying the price…..’


He’s still in the race… but the revolution is out, Jim Newell writes in Slate:

‘He was telling Joe Biden, and other leading Democratic Party figures who are getting anxious about Sanders’ continued presence in the race, that if Biden wants the support of Sanders and the majority of young Democratic voters in the near term, he has to show them something more on the policy areas he outlined, on which many younger voters feel an urgency that’s incommensurate with the proposals the Biden campaign has thus far offered. If the race is more or less over, now the onus is on Biden to determine what kind of olive branch he’s willing to extend….’

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