How Taiwan and Singapore have contained the coronavirus.

F580d895 ccaa 4ff1 bab6 100648e610c4Chloe Hadavas writing in Slate:

‘Despite being just 81 miles off the coast of China, which has more than 80,000 documented cases of COVID-19, Taiwan has managed to contain the outbreak. While South Korea and Japan, its neighbors to the north, have 7,755 and 1,277 known cases of COVID-19, respectively, Taiwan has experienced just 48 cases and one virus-related death.

So how did an island of 24 million with considerable economic, geographic, and cultural ties to China—more than 850,000 Taiwanese citizens live in mainland China, and about 400,000 more work there—manage to defy expectations and contain the outbreak, and can other countries follow suit?…’

Via How Taiwan and Singapore have contained the coronavirus.

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