3 tips for a better museum visit

72575132 2479584922330830 8573007290690795405 n 2Austin Kleon:

’Here are 3 things I do that make my museum experiences much richer:

  1. Draw, draw, draw! 
  2. Enlist a small child to guide you through the museum. 
  3. Don’t read the label before you look at the art.…’

Via Austin Kleon

The Definitive Guide to the World’s Hidden Blunders

Babr ’Everybody makes mistakes. Some go relatively unnoticed—fleeting blips soon forgiven and forgotten. But others last, adding a quirky kind of charm to the attractions they grace. From a befuddling beast that became a Siberian town’s
mascot to a Nebraska jail that was accidentally sold to a teenager, here are 19 mistakes worth marveling at.…’

Via Atlas Obscura