Reason Won’t Save Us

ImagesIt’s time to accept the limits of how we think.

’In wondering what can be done to steer civilization away from the abyss, I confess to being increasingly puzzled by the central enigma of contemporary cognitive psychology: To what degree are we consciously capable of changing our minds …about major personal and social issues that should unite but invariably divide us? As a senior neurologist whose career began before CAT and MRI scans, I have come to feel that conscious reasoning, the commonly believed remedy for our social ills, is an illusion, an epiphenomenon supported by age-old mythology rather than convincing scientific evidence.…’

Via Nautilus

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2 thoughts on “Reason Won’t Save Us

  1. Have you’ve been reading John Ralston Saul’s “Voltaire’s Bastards: The Dictatorship of Reason in the West”?


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