Positive Thinking or Grumpy Thinking: Which Is Better?

‘,,,[H]ow about letting a little anger and grumpiness shine through? Turns out this might just yield the best results. Cranks may be superior negotiators, more discerning decision-makers and cut their risk of having a heart attack. Cynics can expect more stable marriages, higher earnings and longer lives – though, of course, they’ll anticipate the opposite.

The author cites potential pitfalls from excessive positivity: overeating, unsafe sex, binge drinking, gullibility, and selfishness. This is not to argue for baseline aggressiveness. A calm, measured resting face is probably beneficial. While seeing the bright side of things can be a good disposition, forceful reactivity has its place, one that should not be overlooked or disrespected…’

Source: Big Think

Big fan of grumpiness here.