A Child in Los Angeles Has the Plague

Via Gizmodo: ‘A Los Angeles County child is recovering from the plague, and public health agencies are searching the wilderness for the source of the infection.

It’s the third case of plague this year in the U.S. The first two both happened in Colorado, and both were fatal. Earlier this week, an adult in Pueblo County, Colorado, died of the plague, and back in June, the disease killed a Larimer County high school student.

There are about 7 cases of plague in the U.S. every year, mostly in the West, where the disease is endemic among wild mammals, especially rodents, in rural or wilderness areas…’

Mimas and Dione Beam up at Saturn in a Stunning Portrait

Via Gizmodo: ‘The Moon may be Earth’s kid brother, but Saturn’s moons seem more gnats on an elephant in this incredible image captured by the Cassini probe.

Pictured here are Saturn’s moons Mimas (right) and Dione (left) staring up at their behemoth of a planet, with the unilluminated side of the rings angled about one degree from the ring plane. They’re certainly large enough to be spotted, but at 240 and 698 miles across respectively, Mimas and Dione are quite a bit smaller than Earth’s moon (2160 miles across). And they’re total pipsqueaks on the scale of the Saturn system: The gas giant itself measures 75,400 miles across, and its ring system extends more than a thousand fold further out into space.

We all grew up learning that the gas giants are massive, but images like this really help put the numbers in perspective….’