Hallucinogenic fungi found at Buckingham Palace

Via Boing Boing: ‘ “Palace officials said Friday there are several hundred species of mushrooms growing in the palace gardens, including a number of naturally occurring Amanita muscaria.”

Officials say garden shrooms are never used in the palace kitchens. But no word on whether the Queen uses them from time to time in her royal rituals of blood sacrifice, baby-dismemberment, and Satanic fornication.’


2 thoughts on “Hallucinogenic fungi found at Buckingham Palace

  1. Ned Mantei 17 Dec 14 / 2.37 pm

    Calling Amanita muscaria hallucinogenic without further qualification could be deadly for someone reading the article and then deciding to try the mushroom. A. muscaria is also *extremely* poisonous!


    • FmH 25 Dec 14 / 2.22 pm

      Thanks, Ned, important to remind people of this!


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