The planet’s deadliest infectious diseases, by country

Via Salon.com: ‘The worst Ebola outbreak in history has killed nearly 5,000 people and infected more than 10,000 in West Africa. In places like Monrovia, Liberia, people are living a nightmare, but if you live anywhere else in the world outside of West Africa — literally, anywhere — your odds of contracting Ebola are somewhere between “very unlikely” and “zero,” even if you went bowling in Brooklyn last week.

Your chance of contracting and dying from a different infectious disease, on the other hand, can be quite high. “Tuberculosis” and “AIDS” aren’t trending on Twitter, but they probably should be.That’s the big lesson of these maps, which use data from the World Health Organization to show you the deadliest infectious diseases around the world.’



Reboot Your iPhone Before Being Detained by Police to Disable Touch ID

Via Lifehacker: ‘The Virginia Circuit Court ruled this week that you dont have to give up your passcode to police if youre detained. Thats great news, but apparently fingerprints are a different story, so if you have Touch ID enabled, you could still be forced to unlock your phone.

Basically, fingerprints don’t fall under the 5th Amendment like a passcode does, so a police officer who cant force you to unlock your iOS device with your passcode could make you do it with your fingerprint. The solution? If you’re detained, reset your iOS device hold the Home and Power button for a few seconds before you have to hand it over. Touch ID doesn’t work on the first boot.’