San Andreas Fault may be more hazardous than thought

USGS diagram of San Andreas Fault
USGS diagram

“Geologists Thomas Fumal and Timothy Dawson dug trenches across the San Andreas Fault in the Santa Cruz Mountains, about 5 miles (8 km) northwest of Watsonville and discovered traces of four large past earthquakes. Broken sediment revealed quakes occur more often than earlier estimated, and two historic earthquakes reached further south than found before. In the trenches, Dawson and Fumal found a clear record of the great San Francisco quake of 1906. The three additional earthquakes hit in 1522, 1686 and either 1748 or 1838, give or take a few decades, which means this segment of the San Andreas Fault averages a big shaker every 125 years. That’s twice as often as estimates calculated by the Working Group On California Earthquake Probabilities, the group responsible for official earthquake forecasts.”


3 thoughts on “San Andreas Fault may be more hazardous than thought

  1. lol

    I’ve always enjoyed the double meaning of that construction and it’s certainly better for headlines than “previously believed”.

    I’m just the sort of smart-ass who seeks out the least excuse for declaring a phrase ambiguous (e.g., “Bob’s service is second to none” could mean that getting no service at all is superior to getting service from Bob). It’s an attitude that helps me ferret out misleading advertising and other propaganda.


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