“Why I Hate Dreams”

Michael Chabon: “I hate dreams. Dreams are the Sea Monkeys of consciousness: in the back pages of sleep they promise us teeming submarine palaces but leave us, on waking, with a hermetic residue of freeze-dried dust. The wisdom of dreams is a fortune on paper that you can’t cash out, an oasis of shimmering water that turns, when you wake up, to a mouthful of sand. I hate them for their absurdities and deferrals, their endlessly broken promise to amount to something, by and by. I hate them for the way they ransack memory, jumbling treasure and trash. I hate them for their tedium, how they drag on, peter out, wander off.” (The New York Review of Books).

The illustration is from Winsor McKay’s “Little Nemo” comic strip from the early 1900’s. If you are not familiar with it, you owe it to yourself.

Happy Bloomsday!


James Joyce

The World Celebrates James Joyce: ‘There is additional cause for celebration on this year’s Bloomsday. Seventy years after the author’s death, the copyright on his works has expired and they have entered the public domain. As PBS noted: “Many events in Dublin and elsewhere can finally put on performances and readings of entire sections of the novel without fear of legal recourse by the Joyce estate.”

It marked “a new era for biographers and scholars who are now free to publish him or parts of his work without the permission of the fiercely protective, and often litigious, Joyce estate,” the Irish broadcaster RTE commented.’ (NYTimes)